Dr.Web Light App Reviews

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Great App !

Since I dont think that Mac users need to have real-time protection all the time, I would say this app is exactly what we need ! The interface is pretty neat and straight forward, the engine works pretty well quite fast and since Dr. Web is a known AV producer company Im pretty sure the virus database is up-to-date and reliable :)

Seems fine! Good interface

For some reason I thought I wrote a review…anyway, I did full scan, took some time, no threats found. It is slow, even on this SSD. But might give you peace of mind, seeing the viruses going around.

Absolutely the WORST Anti-Virus App I

I ran BitDefender and ClamAV first, both reeturned 3 viruses each which were quarantined, Taking between an hour to 3 each to run on my new iMac. Then I ran Dr. Web, and after 2 full days and nights of running it still was not finished the initial scan, having found 274 viruses (which I doubt is correct) up until that time. I finally quit the App, but the next time I started my iMac it launched again ready to start the scan over. Then I checked and found that the default checks for virus updates every 30 minutes, one of the reasons this is the slowest Anti-Virus App Ive ever witnessed. I have now deleted the App because it slowed my iMac to a crawl when it was running as well. .

Seems Legit

this is a good app if you are worried about your mac running slow because of a virus, i found 3 on my moms computer however it was only able to remove 1 just by clicking a button, over all its a pretty good FREE anti virus app!

Not too bad

I ran the virus detection and it found 5 malware which 4 were identified as Script.Virus and the last Infected archive. When I went to the Dr Web site it did not identify the functions which I think any virus deteion software should perform. The time it took was about 4.5 hours for a 200 Gig 70 % full drive.

Might be OK, but...

This app eats up your memory something awful. There has to be a better application.


Found it picked up 6 items and I could only get rid of 2. 4 items remained that I could not quarentine or delete.

Yeah, right.

App took over 10 days of memory sucking capacity to reveal 174 "threats" (all from my old PC). It then wouldnt let me delete any of them and has been 4 days chugging away at doing something…time to delete! Dont bother.

Best at Virus cleaning

I use Dr. Web on a lot of my PC malware removal jobs, and it can clean just about any threat you throw at it, and its never failed me. It has got me out of a lot of tough situations and detects about 82% of the malware out there (very good). Although its memory usage is a problem. Its pretty heavy on computer resources.

Memory Hog - Slowed Computer

Ran the scan and it slowed my computer right down to a crawl. I had to force quit it. Even after i force quit it, it left my computer running slow until I unistalled it and restarted my computer.

Dr Web Light.

Seems to be a waste of money. Is unable to get rid of several items--message pops up that says they are unable to delete some malware.

system greedy

To power greedy uses all cpu power and locks up mac (imac 3.06ghz core Duo. 4 gig memory 861 gb free space on HD). there are better apps out there (clamxav,virrusbarrier) that work better with less strain on the cpu/gpu

over 18 hours and still running

As title says… I knew the pc version and it is really good, but not on mac

Nice and necessary app

Hey Doctor Web® Ltd, Thank you for professional and nice application. Good Luck

Good free app

Does what it says


It may be just fakeing it as if virus scanning were doing its job. I ran the virus check couple times in a row. Every time gives me different results. Im like….ha???? hope its doing wut its supposed to be doing. little bit weird

Beware of false positives

As with any PC virus/trojan fixer, be aware of the possibility of finding false positives. Dr. Web found 2 on my machine. Never delete anything without checking another source for concurrence.

Froze my computer two times

I have the newest macbook and this trash froze my computer whenever I ran it. Even after I shut it off the computer was still very slow, like lagging. The only thing to reverse it was to restart my computer. I dont know whats so special about it but Im definitely gonna trash it after it failed to even let my computer run, two times.


The mos useless app in the market. Dont waste Your time to download or check it. No viruses - no antiviruses needed.

working or not

I downloaded this based on a NYTimes Bits articale identifing Fakeflash as a seriouse security breach. Since I had just done 2 Adobe updates- which were suspicious at the time i thought, I wanted to make sure. Well it found an empty exec file but could not delet it or quarantine it. That might be because it was empty I dont know. Still - that seems pretty basic - especially if I jusst wanted to delete it.

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